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Lure Lore - Index to Back Editions
(By title, lure name and/or lure manufacturer name)



Abu Hi-Lo, Abu-Garcia
Abu Reel, Fred's Classic Abu Reel Information
Activated Lure Co, Hi-Yo Activated Lure
All-In-One Lure, Pflueger
AR-BE Reel Brake
Artistic Minnow, Heddon
Automatic Striker, Johnson


Baby Terror, Lamprey Lure & Tackle Co.
Bass Master, L&S Bait Co.
Bass Thief, Steel Stamp Corporation
Bassy Getum, Outing
Bear Creek Tweedler
Big Chugg or Big Chugger Spook, Heddon
Big Hedd, Heddon
Bing's Weedless Nemahbin Minnow, Bingenheimer, B.F.
Bleeder Bait Co., Bubbler
Bleeding Type Baits
Bubbler, Bleeder Bait Co.
Bug-N-Bass Lure, Buckeye Bait Corporation
Bumble Bug, Gowen Mfg. Co.
Bunyan, Paul, Transparent Dodger


C. C. Roberts MudPuppy
Catch-All Frog, Catch-All, Inc.
Chubby Lucky Tail Wobbler, Ol' Skipper Lures
Chuby Mouse, Rinehart Tackle Co.
Close-Pin lure, Creek Chub
Cool Ripple Frog, Cool Ripple Bait Co.
Crab, Heddon
Crab Spook, Heddon
Crackleback Lure, Heddon
Crandall, Henry F., Musky Paddle-Wheel
Craw/Shrimp, Heddon
Crazy Crawler, Zinc Eye, Heddon
Crazy Legs Lure
Creek Chub, Close-Pin lure
Cyclone Spinner, Puls & Wencka Bait Co.


Darting Zara, Heddon
Deuster's 'The Gopher' Lure
Devil Diver, Heddon
Digger Crab, Heddon
Dillon-Beck Quiver-Lure
Dodger, Transparent, Paul Bunyan
Double Header Lure, Tropical Bait Co.
Dummy Double, Heddon


Electro-Lure, Paul Bunyan
Electronic Units Co., Jumping Jo
Evan's Weed Queen


Feathered Minnow, Joe Pepper
Firetail Sonic, Heddon
Fish Fyter Floater
Fishcake, Helin Tackle
Flipper Fish, Michigan Tackle
Flutter Fin, Worth
Fred's Classic Abu Reel Information


Gen-Shaw Bait
Gizmo, Tom Bait Company
Glow Worm Heddon River Runt Spook
Go-Deeper Crab, Heddon
Gopher Lure, Deuster's
Gowen Mfg. Co., Bumble Bug
Gurgling Joe, Van Hee Bros.


Harrison Industries, Vibra Bat
Heddon, Artistic Minnow
Heddon, Big Chugg or Big Chugger Spook
Heddon, Big Hedd
Heddon, Crab
Heddon, Crab Spook
Heddon, Crackleback Lure
Heddon, Craw/Shrimp
Heddon, Darting Zara
Heddon, Devil Diver
Heddon, Digger Crab
Heddon, Dicolors of Heddon Lures
Heddon, Dummy Double
Heddon Firetail Sonic
Heddon, Go-Deeper Crab
Heddon Hi-Tail
Heddon's "Natural" Colors, #1
Heddon, Pal Spook Rods
Heddon, Preyfish
Heddon, Prowler
Heddon, River Runt Spook, Glow Worm color
Heddon, River Runt Spook, Go-Deeper
Heddon, Scissor Tail
Heddon, Silver Salmon River Runt Spook
Heddon, Slick Trick Spoon
Heddon, Tadpolly Spook, Tadpolly Spook Color Charts
Heddon, Tiger Lure - Part I - 1967-1971
Heddon, Tiger Lure - Part II - Boxes, Advertising & Displays
Heddon, Timber Rattler
Heddon, Tiny Spook
Heddon, Understanding the Number System
Heddon, Wiggle King
Heddon, Crazy Crawler, Zinc Eye
Heinze, Walter, L&S Roots - The Walter Heinze Story
Helin Tackle, Fishcake
Hinkle Lizard
Hi-Tail, Heddon
Hi-Yo Activated Lure
Hornung, Rudolph, Trolling Spoon
Horrocks-Ibbotson, Shmoo Bait
Hub Company, Muk-Choc-Ko-Frog



Jinx Lure, Rinehart Tackle Co.
Joe Pepper, Feathered Minnow
Johnson Automatic Striker
Jumping Jo, Electronic Units Co.


Kent Frog, Pardee/Friend, Pflueger
Knickerbocker Case Company


L&G Lure, L&G Wiggler, Jointed L&G Bait, Gen-Shaw Bait Company
L&S Bait Co., Shiner Minnow
L&S Bait Co., Bass Master
L&S Roots - The Walter Heinze Story
Lamprey Lure & Tackle Co., Baby Terror/Lamprey Terror
Lamprey Terror, Lamprey Lure & Tackle Co
LeBoeuf Creeper
Little Beast Casting Frog, Cool Ripple Bait Co.
Little Flippy, Tom Bait Company
Little Maid Fishing Lead Holders, MacReady Products
Lucky Tail Wobbler, Chubby, Ol' Skipper Lures


MacReady Products, Little Maid Fishing Lead Holders
Martin's Combination Bait
Master Lures
Merit Reel, Stadler Co.
Michigan Tackle, Flipper Fish
Miller's Reversible Minnow, Union Springs Specialty Company
Min-Oreno, South Bend
MudPuppy, C.C. Roberts
Muk-Choc-Ko-Frog, Hub Company
Musky Paddle-Wheel, Crandall, Henry F.
Musky Suckers, Madison


"Natural" Colors of Heddon, #1
Nemahbin Minnow, Bing's Weedless, Bingenheimer, B.F.
Nifty Minnie, Joseph Ness Co.


Odds & Ends, #1
Ol' Skipper Lures, Chubby Lucky Tail Wobbler
Outing, Bassy Getum
Ozark-Oreno, South Bend Bait Co.


P & S Ball Bearing Bait Company
Pal Spook Rods, Heddon
Panasonic, Solar Shininghead
Pardee/Friend, Kent Frog, Pflueger
Paul Bunyan Electro-Lure
Paul Bunyan Transparent Dodger
Paulson, Fred, Prototype lure
Pflueger All-In-One Lure
Pflueger Kent Frog, Pardee/Friend
Pflueger Zam Metal Lure
Plug-O-Fly, Master Lures
Preyfish, Heddon
Prowler, Heddon
Puls & Wencka Bait Co., Cyclone Spinner


Quiver-Lure, Dillon Beck


Rinehart Tackle Co. Lures
River Runt Spook, Heddon, Glow Worm
River Runt Spook, Heddon, Go-Deeper
River Runt Spook, Heddon, Silver Salmon
Roberts, C.C., MudPuppy
Roller Flasher Bait
Rolling Plug Bait, Rolling Plug Bait Co.


Salm Manufacturing Co.
Shmoo Bait, Horrocks-Ibbotson
Scissor Tail, Heddon
Screwtail, Zink, Zink Artificial Bait Co.
Shakespeare, Waukazoo Surface Spinner
Shiner Minnow, L&S Bait Co.
Shineroo, Tom Bait Company
Silver Salmon River Runt Spook, Heddon
Slick Trick Spoon, Heddon
Solar Shininghead, Panasonic
Sonic, Firetail, Heddon
Sonic, Wood's
South Bend Bait Co., Min-Oreno
South Bend Bait Co., Ozark-Oreno
Spinno Minno, Uniline Bait Co.
Spoon, Trolling, Rudolph Hornung
Stadler Co., Merit Reel
Steel, Frank, Wiggle Frog Lure
Steel Stamp Corporation, Bass Thief
Storm Lures, 1994 Storm Lure Catalog


Tadpolly Spook, Heddon
Tadpolly Spook Color Charts
The Killer, Salm Manufacturing Company
Tiger Lure, Heddon - Part I - 1967-1971
Tiger Lure, Heddon - Part II - Boxes, Advertising & Displays

Timber Rattler, Heddon
Tiny Spook, Heddon
Tom Bait Company
Trans-Lure Bait Company
Transparent Dodger, Paul Bunyan
Transparent Lure, Trans-Lure Bait Company
Trolling Spoon, Rudolph Hornung
Tropical Bait Co., Double Header Lure


Understanding the Heddon Number System
Uniline Bait Co., Spinno Minno


Van Hee Bros., Gurgling Joe
Vaughn's Lure
Vibra Bat, Harrison Industries


Waukazoo Surface Spinner, Shakespeare
Wiggle Frog Lure, Frank Steel
Witch Fire Lures
Wood's Sonic
Worth Flutter Fin




Zam Metal Lure, Pflueger
Zinc Eye Crazy Crawler, Heddon
Zink Screwtail, Zink Artificial Bait Co.

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