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December 15, 1996 - Vol. 1, No. 5

Waukazoo Surface Spinner

The Waukazoo Surface Spinner, also called the "Jimmy Skunk" is a Shakespeare Lure made in the 1930's. It is made of wood, has a nose propeller, two treble hooks, and a small metal fin on the bottom. It measures 2 1/2" in length and has no eyes whatever. It was known to come with other styles of propellers as well as the one shown in these pictures.

The picture on the right is the better example of the frog color for this lure than the one on the left. (Sometimes cameras don't always give you a 'true' picture!)

Other colors for this lure include black top/yellow bottom, solid black, white body/red head, and gray top/white bottom.

Value range for this lure ranges from $50 to $150.

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These two metal trolling baits measure 3 1/2" long and have no name in the blades or other markings. They may be homemade but if so, are very well done and almost too professional to be so.

They resemble the arrowhead trolling lures made by J. T. Buel of Whitehead, New York which are pictured below. Julio T. Buel is the inventor of the spoon lure which he began manufacturing in the mid 1800's.

Unknown Update:Correction to previous update: The 'Allcock' previously cited was not A.L. & W of Canada, but Allcock of England. A reader pointed out he had 3 or 4 identical such lures, 2 of which were marked. Page 281 of Karl White's latest book shows a spoon which looks identical to these.

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