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The Heddon Museum, Dowagiac, Michigan

If you are a fishing tackle collector, then the Heddon Museum in Dowagiac, Michigan is a MUST VISIT place! It is about a 2 hour drive from Chicago. If you are planning a visit, call anytime for an appointment since the museum has minimal "regular" hours.

The Museum is the pet project of Don and Joan Lyons, who bought what remained of the old Heddon factory to use for their business. Don and Joan have dedicated a portion of the building to the museum and have accumulated a wide variety of Heddon artifacts both by kind donations from members of the Heddon family as well as numerous collectors. Much, however, has come from their own personal funds and they actively search out items for this wonderful collection!

Here are some of the particulars on the museum and some photos I took during my visit there.

ADDRESS: 414 West Street, Dowagiac, Michigan 49047
HOURS: By Appointment Only
PHONE: (269) 591-4841
OTHER STUFF: Books to check out: "“Heddon cataloged lures. 1902-1984." by Joan Lyons and “The Heddons and their bait” by Don Lyons

Heddon History

Heddon History Display

This is a wall display of the Heddon family and factory history.

Floor Displays

Floor Displays

Numerous floor displays show the vast array of items made and used by Heddon. Several are devoted to rods, both bamboo and the later metal and spook varieties.

Other interesting displays include the one shown in the backround of Heddon SKI POLES, one of a number of other products made by Heddon in addition to fishing tackle. Included are such strange things as golf club shafts, buggy whips, and violin bows! Examples of these are found throughout the museum!

Heddon hand-carved Frog

Heddon hand-carved Frog

Now if there is any justification for using the word rare, this is it!

Heddon Lures

Scarce/Rare Heddon Lures

What everyone comes to see! These are but a few of the lures on display. The one on the top right is the first Zaragossa.

Special thanks to Don and Joan for spending their time with me the day I visited the Museum! They are a credit to the hobby and their efforts are indeed remarkable!

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Web Author: Keith Bell
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