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The Heddon River Runt Identification & Collector's Guide

by Tom Jacomet and Dennis Boulais

Available at Whitefish Press!

Released at the 2011 National Fishing Lure Collector's Club Nationals Meet in Louisville, Kentucky, this book is the most extensive work ever written on Heddon's most popular fishing baits! It provides extensive in-depth information on all models of RIVER RUNT lures made in both wood and plastic, including numerous manufacturing variations, hardware changes AND color charts listing all KNOWN CATALOGED and UNCATALOGED colors! In addition to detailed chapters on each individual model, there are chapters on boxes used for these lures, advertising, hardware styles and a extensive color chart chapter that has actual pictures of these lures in the colors they came in. All chapters include a value guide for each model and the color and style it came in!



* Over 50 Years of combined Experience and Research!
* Read the History on America's Favorite Lure
* Understand How to Value a lure based on Color and Model
* Appraise your Current Collection
* Invaluable Knowledge that you can Leverage

The chapter listings are as follows:

Chapter 1 - River Runt Development
Chapter 2 - Series 110 River Runt
Chapter 3 - Series 9110 River Runt Spook Sinker
Chapter 4 - Series 9400 River Runt Spook Floater
Chapter 5 - Series 9430 River Runt Spook Jointed Floater
Chapter 6 - Series 610 - Sea Runt
Chapter 7 - Series 750 & 950 - River Runtie & River Runtie Spook
Chapter 8 - Series 9330 - Jointed Sinking River Runt Spook
Chapter 9 - Series S9400 - Silver Salmon River Runt Spook
Chapter 10 - Series 8850 - Salmon River Runt
Chapter 11 - Series 10 & F10 - Laguna Runt
Chapter 12 - Series 9010 - Midget River Runt Spook
Chapter 13 - Series 7510 - Giant Runt
Chapter 14 - Series D9110 - Standard Go-Deeper River Runt Spook
Chapter 15 - Series D9010 - Midget Go-Deeper River Runt Spook
Chapter 16 - Series N9110 - No Snag River Runt Spook
Chapter 17 - Series B110 - Midgit Digit River Runt
Chapter 18 - Series 9020 - Midgit Digit River Runt Spook
Chapter 19 - Series D9430 - Jointed Go-Deeper River Runt Spook
Chapter 20 - Series 350 - Tiny Sinking River Runt Spook
Chapter 21 - Series D350 - Tiny Go-Deeper River Runt Spook
Chapter 22 - Series S9400SP - Saltwater Floater River Runt Spook
Chapter 23 - Series 340 - Tiny Floating River Runt Spook
Chapter 24 - Series DD350 - Tiny Deep Dive River Runt Spook
Chapter 25 - Series DD9110 - Standard Deep Dive River Runt Spook
Chapter 26 - Series DD9400 - Deep Dive River Runt Spook
Chapter 27 - Series DD9010 - Midget Deep Dive River Runt Spook
Chapter 28 - Hardware Identification
Chapter 29 - Color Identification
Chapter 30 - Boxes
Chapter 31 - Errata
Chapter 32 - Advertising

Sample Chapter Pages

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Web Author: Tom Jacomet
Copyright 2011 by Tom Jacomet - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED