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About Lure Lore

Lure Lore was founded in 1996 by Tom Jacomet. Tom spent over twenty years writing great articles on old fishing lures and helping us dive deep into the history of these lures...hence Lure Lore. was one of the first websites dedicated to this great hobby of collecting fishing tackle and preserving the history around it. In the twenty plus years of work on Lure Lore Tom wrote over 75 different Lure Lore articles to help those of us in the collecting community. In fact you can still find all of these great issues here. Tom also specialized in Heddon lures and River Runts in particular and literally wrote the book on them. His book "The Heddon River Runt Identification and Collector's Guide" is the virtual Bible on all things Heddon River Runt. Additionally Tom spent hundreds if not thousands of hours cataloging the Heddon Lure Series Number Codes and Heddon Color Codes all of which are searchble on this website. His contributions through this website have been felt by most if not all in the tackle community.

I for one was personally affected by Tom's work and his early Lure Lore articles hooked me on collecting fishing tackle in the mid to late 1990's. I waited each week for a new article to be posted and printed off each article and put in a binder for research. Tom's work was the equivalent of a whole encyclopedia of research at your fingertips. Through the years I got to know Tom a little bit through the NFLCC and remained a fan. When I learned early in 2020 that Tom was planning on "retiring" from Lure Lore I was very concerned all of his vast research and articles would go the way of so many other fishing lure websites and simply disappear. When there was a chance to buy Lure Lore I knew it was the perfect fit for what we are doing at My Bait Shop ( While we sell vintage and new fishing lures, my main passion is the history of our hobby and preserving that history. I am also committed to finding a way for future generations to have an easier way to access this information. In this day and age if our hobby is to continue to survive and flourish we must embrace the information age and not hide behind it. I am proud to be the next caretaker of Lure Lore. Additionally Tom has generously agreed to help out throughout the transition and I welcome him as long as he wants to stay:)

As we welcome Lure Lore to the My Bait Shop family there will be some changes. We will work to bring synergies between the two websites but we are committed to keeping the great information Tom has provided over the last two decades and keep the ball moving forward. We will add new information, both on Lure Lore but also on My Bait Shop as we uncover more history on our great hobby. We will also try to leverage new tools and technology in time to make the websites even more useful. First up is updating every edition of Lure Lore with new information as applicable. This refresh will ensure that we keep these articles fresh and relevant. You will see this here and also the new updates on My Bait Shop. None of this will happen overnight but hang with us as we will continue to provide great information. There is a lot of work to do but we look forward to it. Thanks for visiting and drop me a note some time. I love to hear from all of you. Whether you have something to contribute or just to say hi.


Keith Bell
My Bait Shop, LLC
Lure Lore

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