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Unknown Lures

This section of Lure Lore is dedicated to identifying 'unknown' lures, i.e., lures whose manufacturers and date of production are unknown. If you have a 'unknown', you can send me a picture and I'll add it to the page. I would ask that you include any information you have available including any markings, length (body only) and material it is made of (wood, plastic, etc.). Also, please do not send lures that are likely home-made!

If you can identify a lure or wish to submit one as a 'unknown', email me at Email Me. You can also click on the contributor's name to email that person BUT YOU MUST REMOVE 'NO SPAM' from the email address!

You can 'click' on the pictures to enlarge them and often see a different view.



10/13/2015 Chuck Arnold #25 - Metal spinner blade marked "EXPERT".
9/30/11 George Moser #24 - The lure is wood and 4". There are silver sparkles inside the mouth. The paint job is as good as any Heddon lure I've seen. It is yellow and black scales with yellow belly. Each side (directly across from each other) has 2 salmon like color blush areas. This color is also under the head. The belly and tail hook hardware are one piece with 2 belly and 1 tail treble hooks. 
2/24/09 Gary Hall
#23 - These are wood lures that are adjustable by sliding the top section forward or back on a wire slide making them a chugger or a diver I believe. The longer bottom section is 2 1/2 inches and they are wooden.
10/26/04 Mike MacDonald #22 - This is a wood lure whose head spins independently of the body. The lure is 2 3/4 inches long
5/11/04 Larry Rossini

#21 - These three wood lures are shown in Karl White's book, 'Volume 1 - Plugs - Fishing Tackle Antiques & Collectibles' and identified as being made by Staley-Johnson of Indiana, well known for the Twin-Min lure. There is no 'name' for the lures in White's book and he ID's them generically as (from top to bottom, left to right), 'Pike Type', 'Wiggler' and 'Frog'. Some knowledgeable collectors have questioned that ID so...

4/9/2011 - IDENTIFIED - By Alan Scott who wrote: "These were actually made by the Kiraku & Co. Inc. (of Japan) right after the war in Tokyo. These are often mistaken for the Paw Paw, as well as the ones in in White's book as Staley-Johnson of Indiana. I know this for a fact as I have a 10 piece unused box which has the two but not the frog. I can sent pics if you like. The tell tale ID is the crudely made box. These are extremely rare and very hard to ever find and boxes, even in that condition, are rarely found as they were made so cheaply..there should at least be the traces of the red sticker on the end. Grampus was the name used for their fly rods and lures."


04/09/04 Rob Pavey
#20 - Body size of this lure is 1 ½ inches long. Body appears to be a hand poured resin because it has air bubbles in it. It also appears to be molded in 2 pieces, top and bottom and then glued or heat pressed together. It is hollow and allowed water to flow threw it. Originally it was clear, but has yellowed with age. Body is clear with painted back; came in white, yellow, red, green, and gold. Green lure pictured. Had black 'feelers' on the bottom. There is a small circle with an 'R' in it on the bottom molded into the casting. It was originally purchased in the mid to late 1950's in Door County, Wisconsin.
04/08/04 Jim Nedela

#19 - This is a wood bait with what looks like leather tied around the body, and felt covering the head. Has bead eyes and looks like a mouse lure. Has a thru the body wire that the line tie and rear hook is attached to. Overall, 1 3/4' long. UPDATE: Alan Baake's website has a nearly identical lure displayed as a unknown which may well be this lure - click HERE to view that lure.

04/08/04 Dick Streater
#18 - This is a wood bait, GE, 2-1/2', has 4 springs which simulate legs on a bug; groove in top of head.
04/08/04 Greg Skinner #17 - Wood plunker style lure aprox. 3' long cup rig (not painted) has washer behind line tie and tail cup like a creek chub.
04/07/04 Dan Basore #16 - IDENTIFIED! Yellow lure box with green printing; marked Chautauqua 'Musky' Spoon made by the Ke-Ad Bait Co., North East, PA. The lure for the box is a spoon lure with feather bucktail - click on the picture of the lure box to see both the box and lure. You will note the spinners on the lure are marked with the 'KE-AD' name.
04/07/04 Dan Basore #15 - IDENTIFIED! This lure is called the "REVOLVING MINNOW", made by Raymac of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Further research shows that the maker's name was Ray Mack! It is a metal lure and is sometimes referred to by collecgtors as a 'Poorman's Chautauqua Minnow' by John Mitchell. For a picture of this lure on original card, click HERE! (Thanks to Christopher Olson for identifying this lure!)
04/07/04 Ken Schneider #14 - Fly rod size lures; All three lures same company. All have weed guards and rattles in them. About 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches in length.
04/02/04 Captron #13 - Fly rod size lure that measures about 1-1/4 inches with top brown soft sponge-like material and belly; has the metal support system. ID: Bass Bug made by Worden's of Seattle, WA.
04/01/04 Glen Brewton #12 - Two 'darter' style wood lures; the yellow spotted is 2 inches, the shiner scale 2 1/2 inches; shown to several collectors but they all seem to think they are not CCBCO or Shur-Strike.
04/01/04 Glen Brewton #11 - Wood frog lure, approx. 2 inches long.
04/01/04 Jason Cobb #10 - Wood lure, approx. 2 inches long; found in Florida with bunch of other Florida lures.
03/31/04 Andrew Burachynski #9 - Wood lure, approx. 3 inches long; has 2 perfectly balanced grooves on either side starting from the head.

03/31/04 Terry Oxley #8 - These 'spiral lures' vary from 2 3/4 inches to 3 1/2 inches long, but there are also 8 inch musky sized versions as you'll see in the picture when you click on the picture(s) of this lure!
03/29/04 Bob Slade #7 - Approx. 2 inches long.
03/29/04 Bob Slade #6 - Wood, approx. 2-1/2 inches long.
03/23/04 Tom Jacomet #5 - Lead, with leather tail, fish scale pattern on sides, painted gill mark.
03/23/04 Tom Jacomet #4 - Plastic, approximately 3 inches long, minnow encased inside lure.
IDENTIFIED: It's a Kala made by Arrowhead Lures, P. A. Kala of Virginia, MN  He later sold out to Dura Pak of Sioux City, IA and they made them for a while. They were supposed to compete with the Rapala although I think they started in the 50's. I have found them in about 4 different sizes. (Alan Baake)(5/14/2005)
03/23/04 Tom Jacomet

#3 - Plastic, approximately 2 inches long.
IDENTIFIED: Hornet Lure - The Hornet lure Company was a post-war 1940's company out of Eldorado, Arkansas.  The 2" long HORNET LURE had a unique metal plate that started on the forehead and countoured around the face and straight down for a metal lip.  The trade mark of this lure was the very large all black eyes with a yellow outside ring.  They were sold in a colorful 2 pc. cardboard yellow box with black trim and featured two flying hornets facing each other on the cover.  Patent No. D150,988 was granted to the inventor Arthur C. Kinard on September 14, 1948. (Special thanks to Bob Slade for providing this information!)

03/22/04 Tom Jacomet #2 - Plastic, approximately 2 inches long.
IDENTIFIED 10/11/2017: Cinch-Bug - made by Recks Tackle Company of Sparks and later of Reno, Nevada. This lure dates to the late 1940's and 1950's and was patented by Lawrence L. Recker on April 22, 1952, patent #2,593,792.*
Special thanks to Jerry Pardus for identifying this lure!
*Patent information from The Encyclopedia of Old Fishing Lures Made in North America, Volume 14, by Robert A. Slade.
03/22/04 Tom Jacomet #1 - Wood, approximately 2 inches long.

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