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Heddon Tiny Spook

Heddon Tiny Spook

Heddon plastic lures continue to maintain their popularity with both new collectors and many of the 'old timers' who I'm told wouldn't touch a plastic bait not too many years ago! One of the more sought-after lures is Heddon's Tiny Spook, a spinning lure of somewhat diminutive proportions. Measuring 1-7/8" in length and weighing in at a whole 1/4 oz., this little fella sported two #6 treble hooks and spinners on both the nose and tail.

The Tiny Spook was first introduced in 1955 and was given the Heddon number 310. It was advertised as "...the spinning size of the long famous Dowagiac Spook..." and sold for $1.50.

The colors listed for the Tiny Spook included Crappie (CRA), Sunfish (SUN), Bluegill (BGL), Yellow Perch Scale (L), Yellow Shore Minnow (XRY), Black & White Shore Minnow (XBW), White, Red Head (RH),and Silver Shore Minnow (XRS).

The Tiny Spook had a very short life-span, however, and was last listed in Heddon's 1957 catalog. The color listings for the 3 years it was made never changed during that time, although there exist a number of other colors (some 13 or 14 I've heard...). Oddly, the color the lure is most commonly found in, White with Black Spots, was not a cataloged color for the Tiny Spook nor in fact a listed Heddon color for those years.

Color is most definitely the determining factor in pricing of the Tiny Spook. The White with Black spot is often priced in the $25 range while other colors tend to be $50 or more. I've seen the White & Black Shore Minnow priced at well over $100.

Unknown Lure

Unknown lure

I first saw this lure at the Nationals in Dayton, Ohio a couple of years back. My first impression was that it was a River Runt Spook until a closer examination showed it wasn't. During this summer, I received a e-mail from NFLCC member Mike Ripley who told me he bought the lure at the show! He too wondered if it was a River Runt Spook. The lure measures 2-7/8" in length, is completely transparent, and has a hexagonal body shape.

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