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November 19, 1996 - Vol. 1, No. 3


This interesting lure was made by the Hub Company of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin in the mid 1940's. It has a wood core but has an outer covering which appears to be a cast plaster overlay.

This lure is illustrated in Karl White's Fishing Tackle Antiques and Collectables (1995) and is mistakenly listed as being a "Muk-Ka-Choc Frog" and the manufacturer as the Hubb Company of Michigan. The owner of this lure had several of them in original boxes which have subsequently been sold to various collectors!

This lure came in two styles, one with a fixed hook (lure on the left) and the other with a floating treble hook attached at the rear of the lure as shown on the frog color.

Known colors for this lure included frog green with black spots/yellow centers, yellow with black spots/red centers, white with black spots/white centers, and light green with black spots/yellow centers.

Value range in excellent condition is $45 to $50.

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This lure looks very much like a lure made by Al Foss known as a "Little Minnie" and indeed could be an unlisted Al Foss lure due to its similarities. Note the single hook feather tail and the 'ridges' on the bottom of the lure. These ridges are indicative that the lure was intended to be 'skidded' or slid along the bottom; lures such as this are often referred to as 'skidders' or 'sliders'.

Identification Status to Date: Unknown

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