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April 5, 1998 - Vol. 3, No. 7

Spinno Minno Lure - Pecos River Tackle Co./Uniline Bait Co.

Uniline Spinno Minno

The Spinno Minno fishing lure was originally made by the Pecos River Tackle Company of Carlsbad, New Mexico which became a division of the Uniline Manufacturing Company, of Dallas, Texas. It was developed in 1944 by Violet Van Buren of Carlsbad, New Mexico who received a patent for it, #2,378,370 on June 12, 1945. Collectors sometimes refer to this lure as the "poor man's Chippewa" in reference to a wood fishing lure called the Chippewa made by the Immel Bait Company of Blair, Wisconsin which is somewhat similiar in that it has a hollow center with a spiral spinner blade. That bait is very expensive and thus, the "poor man's" reference as Spinno Minnos in general don't command anywhere near the value of a Chippewa!

Center Spinner Variations

There are two variations of specific interest on Spinno Minnos. The first is the center spinner that came in two configurations, one with two round holes (left) and the other with three rectangular holes (right). Of the two, the one with the rectangular holes is the earlier hardware configuration.

Four and Six Rib Variations

The second variation which indicates age is in the number of ribs on those with a rib pattern. The earlier lures had 6 ribs while later lures had 4 ribs.

Spinno Minnos came in 20 cataloged colors that were numbered 501 to 514 and 601 to 605, the latter being referred to as the "translucent pastel shades over pearl." There is also one (1) uncataloged and unnumbered color which is referred to as Solid Green although it has some variations. The chart below shows each color number and some variations.

Spinno Minno Color Chart
501 - Green (with white ribs)
502 - White, Red Head
503 - Gray Rib (red head variation)
503 - Gray Rib (variation)
504 - Shiner
505 - Black, White Head
506 - Light Green Scale
507 - Blue Bugger
508 - Goldfish Scale
509 - Perch
510 - Frog
511 - Black (with white ribs)
512 - Rainbow (variation)
512 - Rainbow (variation)
513 - Yellow Rib
514 - White Rib
601 - Red Pastel (gold ribs)
602 - Green Pastel (gold ribs)
603 - Black Pastel (gold ribs)
604 - Blue Pastel (gold ribs)
605 - Yellow Pastel (silver ribs)
606 - Blue Zebra (silver ribs & brown bars on top)
Unnumbered - Solid Green (variation)
Unnumbered - Solid Green (variation)


Color variations
Color Variations

Many of the cataloged colors come have significant variations in their color patterns. The above picture shows two variations of #503 Grey Rib (left) and #509 Perch (right). Note the solid red head variation of the #503 and the heavy painted ribs on the #509. Many of the other colors have variations as well, particularly #510 (Frog), #513 (Yellow Rib), #514 (White Rib) and #512 (Rainbow).

Pattern variation
Pattern Variation

Another variation of note is in the color pattern. Note the 'diamond' pattern in the top Spinno Minno, #506 (Light Green Scale) vs. the more 'hexagon' pattern in the same color which is the common paint pattern. (Special thanks to Harold Cummins for discovering this variation and providing the picture!)


As noted earlier, the Spinno Minno was first produced ini Carlsbad, New Mexico under the Pecos River Tackle Company name and thus the first boxes these came in were so marked (top box) and later under the Uniline name as illustrated by the bottom box. Other than the company name, the boxes were the same design and had the color code number stamped on the end.

Spinno Minno lure typically sell in the $25 to $50 range depending on color and if the box is included. The pastels generally go for higher prices and can reach up to $200 with a box!



L & S Mirro Reel

Some weeks ago I bought a L&S lure and found an ad in the box which the lure came in advertising the L&S MirrOreel! A couple of more 'seasoned' collectors I spoke with said they didn't know L&S made a reel. While visiting Dan and admiring his high end reels, he picked up a reel box and asked if I'd ever seen one of these before and lo' and behold, it was the L&S MirrOreel!! It is made of a deep red plastic with a white handle and clearly marked on one side. This picture shows the box and reel as well as the ad I found in the L&S box.

If you have any further information on any of the items displayed on this page which you'd like to share, please send your comments to me and I'll update the page accordingly. Contributions of interesting items and/or unknowns are encouraged! Lures pictured in Lure Lore are not for sale!

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