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October 20, 1996 - Vol. 1, No. 1

Vaughn's Lure

This wooden body lure was manufactured in the early 1940's by Vaughn's Tackle Company of Cheboygan, Michigan, and has a rotating head with three flutes of varying colors. The head rotates on a shaft which is screwed into the body. A small washer separates the rotating head and body. The hook hangers are simply small eye hooks which are also screwed into the body. The lure is depicted in Carl F. Luckey's book, Old Fishing Lures and Tackle (No. 4) as well as Karl White's Fishing Tackle Antiques and Collectibles (11/95 edition). The colors listed below were cited or illustrated in both books. The wooden body measures 3 1/2" with another 1/4" tacked on for the nose loop. The two pictures illustrate all three flute colors when the head is turned. The value range for this lure runs from $90 to $200.

The box for the Vaughn lure was fairly simple with printed words and no graphics. These boxes are very scarce and seldom scene and can double the value of the lure if it's in the correct box.

As rare as the box and maybe even rarer is the box paper. This is the only known record of a list of advertised colors the lure came in.

Known Colors

Green body, red-yellow-white flutes
Yellow body, red-green-flutes
Yellow body, white-blue-red flutes
Black body, green-orange-white flutes
Black body, white-yellow-green flutes
Red body, yellow-white-blue flutes
Red body, white-blue-orange flutes
White body, black-green-red flutes
Orange body, white-blue-red flutes
Metallic gray body, white-yellow-red flutes

Author's Note: An extensive article on Vaughn's Lure was published after this Lure Lore in the NFLCC Gazette, June, 1998 (Vol. 23, #77) entitled Vaughn's Lure by Kelly Girard.

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The lure pictured above is believed to have been made in the 1950's or 1960's based upon the type of hooks on the lure. It is made of light wood - there are no markings on the prop or the lure of any type. It is torpedo shaped, measuring approximately 1 1/4" in diameter and 4 1/2" long. The pictures are of the top and bottom of the lure.

Identification Status to Date: Unknown

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