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September 14, 1997 - Vol. 2, No. 18

LeBoeuf Creeper

LeBoeuf Creeper

Little has been written on the LeBoeuf Creeper so take notes! This lure was made by the LeBoeuf Bait Company of Pennsylvania, starting sometime in the early 1940's, probably 1942 or 1943. The original version of the lure was made of wood and it came in two sizes, 2-1/2" and 3-3/4". Like Heddon's Crazy Crawler, it was a surface lure which 'waddled' from side to side across the surface of the water due to its metal wings. These lures came in two different colored cardboard boxes, one a solid lime-green and the other maroon.

Sometime around 1947-1949, the 'heavy' plastic version of the lure was made, again in two sizes. These are pictured above. Still later, in the 1950's and until the 1960's, a lighter plastic version was made. One key difference besides the type of plastic used is in the eyes, with the heavier version having an 'embossed' eye while the lighter version has a painted eye.

The wood and heavier plastic versions came in two colors, leopard frog and bull frog. The lighter plastic version came in both those colors plus a solid black, but the frog colors were in multiple shades of green rather than just one shade.

Wood Creepers run about $100 while the heavy plastic versions go for around $40-$45 and the lighter versions for $10-$15. (NOTE: White's book mis-spelled the company name as LEBOUFF).

UPDATE: Jay Lucas writes to ask, "Why did LeBeouf quit making creepers? From my understanding it was a patent infringement lawsuit by Heddon?? Also I think you may be a little low on trade value of the creepers. They are hard to come by or at least have been for me. This was one of the great lure improvements made by innovators. He took the crazy crawler that had a tendency to roll over at any kind of speed retrieve flattened it and lowered the center of gravity and made a lure that when properly tuned could be retrieved with bait almost out of water and only the wings in the water. The crazy crawler was a complete flop on a fast retrieve. I've used them both..."

Thanks, Jay, for your comments - anyone know about the answer about the patent lawsuit?

UPDATE, March 20, 2010: Mr. Chet Exley of Irving, Texas wrote to report that his Great-Grandfather, Reginald C. Exley, Sr., was the inventor of the LeBoeuf Creeper. To read more about him and a story of the development of the LeBoeuf Creeper, read Old Mossback and the LeBoeuf Creeper by Koyote, appearing on the website Special thanks to Chet Exley for providing this information!

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Unknown Lure

This edition's unknown lure is solid plastic with raised plastic eyes. The eyes were added to the body and are not an integral part of the body. This lure is pictured in White's Fishing Tackle Antiques and Collectables book on page 147 under the Novelty Lures section in a solid yellow color with red eyes. Other colors are known to exist.

UNKNOWN UPDATE: Craig Zwizinski writes to say that he has one with different eyes but of the same color and it 'glows-in-the-dark'. Following his advice, I gave mine the standard flashlight treatment and went into the bathroom, turned out the lights and HEY! It glows!

UNKNOWN UPDATE 2-21-98: This lure now has been identified as a Witch Fire Lure, made in Madison, Wisconsin. Little else is known the company but the lure came in single or treble hook configurations, and both with or without the belly spinners. All have goggle eyes and the colors were fluorescent and phosphorescent.

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