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May 17, 1998 - Vol. 3, No. 9

Cool Ripple Frog

Cool Ripple Frog

The Cool Ripple Frog is a rather interesting lure in that unlike many other imitation frog lures which were made of solid or hollow rubber, it had a woven rayon body core. The body was then covered with a thin coating of rubber. The combination was quite plyable and according to advertising, "feels like a frog."

An early 1947 ad lists the manufacturer as Cool Ripples Lure, Inc., of Chicago, Illinois although later ads show the Associated Bait Co., also of Chicago.

The lure comes in two versions, both in leopard frog color but one with a tail and one without. The tailless version (top one in the picture) has a single hook coming out of the body at the rear. A weedless rig was attached to the front line tie. Out of each leg are nylon tassels as well as two which are attached to the right and left side of the belly.

The second version has a tail and is narrower in the body than the tailless lure. A single treble hook is attached at the tail and nylon tassel covers the hook. As with the tailless version, nylon tassels extend from the two legs and a weedguard is also attached to the line tie.

These mint-in-box examples show that Cool Ripple Bait Company also called the same lure the "Little Beast Casting Frog".

Collector value for this lure is $50 to $75 in excellent condition without box; $75-$125 in the box.

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Unknown Lure

Of the 'injured minnow' variety, this lure is unmarked, is 3-3/4" in length, front and rear spinners, and a single treble hook on one side. It is the single treble hook that leads the owner to believe this may be a Paw Paw lure.

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