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November 4, 1996 - Vol. 1, No. 2

Heddon Glow Worm River Runt Spook

The Heddon Company began manufacturing the River Runt lure in 1929. The first lures were of wood but in 1932, plastic versions came out, referred to as 'spooks'. It is probably safe to say that based on the sheer number of colors and types of River Runt lures made by Heddon, it was one of their most popular lures!

The lure pictured above is a Glow Worm (luminous) River Runt Spook Floater and is listed as number 9409GW in the Heddon advertising piece also shown . While River Runt Spook lures are generally not considered rare or uncommon, some of them are because of their color, style, and hardware on the lure. This lure in particular, is one of the more rare Runts due to its color. It is not unlike the more common Green Shore Minnow color made by Heddon although it is a bit lighter in shade. There are vertical, semi-curved ribs made of a material which when exposed to light, glowed in the dark. A small dot of this same material separate's each rib. The material is glued to the lure's surface, making it susceptible to wear and tear.

This color was only made for a few years during the 1940's and then discontinued at the urging of the Federal Government as the luminous material supposedly gave off radiation!

River Runts continued to be manufactured well into the 1980's when they finally were discontinued, although a collector's edition has been issued since then in wood.

Values for River Runts range dramatically from $5-$20 for the more common varieties upwards of $200 for the more rare ones. The Glow Worm lure pictured above was recently purchased in the mid-west for $85 without the box .

There are over 75 colors of this lure, too numerous to list here. A future edition of Lure Lore will provide more color information. Styles of River Runt Spooks including size are:

Floating (3");Sinking (2-1/2");Sinking (2-1/4");Floating, jointed (3-3/4"); Sinking, jointed (2-3/4"); Go-deep sinker, flat blade (2-1/2"); Go-deep sinker, flat blade (2-1/4"); Go-deep sinker, scooped blade (2-1/2"); Go-deep sinker, scooped blade (2-1/4"); Go-deep jointed sinker, flat blade (3-1/4"); Tiny sinking (1-3/4"); Go-deep Tiny sinking (flat blade); Tiny floating (2-3/8"); Midget sinking (2-1/4"); No Snag sinking (weedless); River Runtie Spook (1-1/4 fly lure); Midget Digit sinking (1-1/2")

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