March 23, 1997 - Vol. 2, No. 6

Chubby Lucky Tail Wobbler

Chubby Lucky Tail Wobbler

A recent purchase of a box lot of fishing stuff at a auction resulted in the acquisition of this interesting lure. Made of wood, the lure was made by Wynne Precision Company of Griffin, Georgia in the mid 1940's. No mention is made in Luckey's book of Wynne but White has four lures listed for this company under the name of "Wayne Precision", three of which were called 'Wobblers' including a 3 1/2" Lucky Tail Wobbler, a 3 3/4" jointed Lucky Tail Wobbler, as well as the above lure, also listed under the name Lucky Tail Wobbler. The lure measures 2 1/4" in body length, and has a bucktail trailing treble. Also attached to the rear treble is a white strip of split leather to give the effect of a pork rind. The backside of the metal lip is marked "Ol Skipper - Wynne, Georgia"; otherwise there is no other identification.

The box, however, provides the identification for this lure and is marked "Lucky Tail Wobbler - Chubby - #1301 LT" on the side. A paper insert offers 'big' prizes to fishermen who send in pictures of their catches to the "Ol' Skipper" if used in the company's national advertising campaign. The insert also mentions the "Ol' Skipper" radio program and encourages fishermen to send in stories, anecdotes, etc., for broadcast.

One additional feature of this lure, however, was found in the bottom of the box when opened. Several small strips of dried out rubber, approximately 1" in length and less than a 1/16" square were there. Close examination showed that these rubber strips were originally part of the lure and if you look close at the picture, you'll see three dark short strips in the middle of the body. These ran out from the metal plate on the bottom of the lure and extended to both sides, giving the appearance of spindly legs. Although the lure is mint-in-the-box, the rubber strips had dried and fallen off except for the remnants of the three shown in the picture above still attached to the lure.


Unknown lure

The unknown for this edition is a soft rubber frog (not hollow). A rubber prong on the belly protects the hook making it a weedless lure. The frog also has a rubber prong tail identical to that on the belly, positioned directly between two hair tails. It measures approximately 2 1/2" in length and has no markings.

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