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Y - Yellow Shiner or Yellow
V+Y - Vibra Flash, Yellow

COLOR NAME: Yellow Shiner or Yellow or Vibra Flash, Yellow
LURE(S) PICTURED: KIng Cobra (9940Y), Super Sonic (9385Y), Sonic (385Y), Vibra Flash Sonic (V385Y), Vibra Flash Ultra Sonic (V325Y), Vibra Flash Super Sonic (V9385Y), Big Tiger (1040Y), Dying Flutter (9207Y)

The color code "Y" (Yellow) has a lot of variations depending on the model of the lure. Wood lures are solid yellow but plastic lures have variations. Not all are shown here.

King Cobra: Yellow body with silver glitter or silver flitter on sides; c. 1965; cataloged color.

Sonics: Two (2) variations: #1 - Solid yellow body with black lightning bolt mark on either side. This pattern was used starting in 1957 and continued to 1992 when the Sonic line of lures ceased production. The Super Sonic came in this color after 1970.
#2- Yellow scale pattern on side with light red markings and black lightning bolt mark on either side. This pattern was used on the Sonic from 1957 thru 1970.

Vibra Sonic: In 1964, Heddon produced the Vibra Flash Sonic line of lures. These came in 3 patterns. 1) Reflector- like plate on either side of the lure embossed with a light scale pattern; sometimes it doesn't even show and appears as a plain silver plate. 2) Has a dimpled scale pattern. 3) Came with silver glitter on the sides.

Tiger: Yellow body with silver flash sides. Cataloged Heddon color for this lure in the late 1960's. The Big Tiger (saltwater version not shown) looked the same but had glitter on the sides.

Dying Flutter: Yellow nose & tail, yellow coachdog markings on top & sides, clear body with silver reflector insert.

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