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Y - All Yellow or Yellow or Yellow Body, Yellow Hackle

COLOR NAME: All Yellow or Yellow or Yellow Body, Yellow Hackle
RELATED COLOR(S): 5 (Yellow)
LURE(S) PICTURED: Dowagiac Minnow No. 150 (150Y - Yellow), Bass-Bug-Spook (fly rod lure)(975Y - All Yellow), Popper Spook (fly rod lure) (940Y - Yellow Body, Yellow Hackle), Firetail Sonic (395Y - Yellow)

Lures: Solid yellow body; later plastics such as the Firetail Sonic had red around eyes, red gill mark and black lightning bolt on sides.

Fly rod lures: Transparent body with yellow rib pattern (yellow lines) over the top and bottom of the body with yellow hackle (feather) on the tail. This color code was also used for both sizes of Heddon's Bass Bug Spook fly rod lure (series 974 and 975) which has yellow feather wings and a yellow hackle; c. late 1930's thru early 1950's.

The early color code for Yellow was the number "5".

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