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9L - Perch

COLOR NAME: Perch, Yellow Perch, Yellow Perch Scale
RELATED COLORS: 9LYB (Perch, Yellow Belly), LWB (Perch, White Belly), PCH (Perch)
LURE(S) PICTURED: Top to bottom, left to right: Perch w/yellow scale belly (9110L), Perch w/solid white belly (9110L), Perch w/silver scale belly (9119L), Perch w/solid yellow belly (D9019LYB); Tiger (1010L), Machete (403L), Wee Tad (590L)
DESCRIPTION: There are numerous variations of the Perch color as this is one of the most common Heddon colors that dates back to the early 1900's. They primarly have green and yellow scale patterns and red diagonal rib pattern. The scale patterns range from very fine to large scales in various shades of green to gold. Introduced in 1935 as a color for River Runt Spooks. Color code changed to "L" in 1946.

River Runt Spooks come with various belly colors & patterns including a yellow scale pattern, silver scale pattern, solid white belly (white eye), solid white belly (gold eye) known as Perch, White Belly (LWB), and solid yellow belly known as Perch, Yellow Belly (9LYB). The standard Perch color comes in both white eye and gold eye.

The Machete (1965-1969) differs in that it lacks the rib pattern. It has a yellow body with a silver scale pattern on the spine. (Picture of Machete courtesy of Mike Speer!)

The Wee Tad is still another color variation with a distinctive blue and silver scale pattern under the angular ribs.

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