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FY - Yellow/Green Fluorescent or Chartruese Mullet

COLOR NAME: Yellow/Green Fluorescent or Chartruese Mullet
LURE(S) PICTURED: Midget River Runt Spook (9010FY),Sonic (9385FY), Big Hedd (9330FY), Chugger Jr. Spook (9520FY), Super Sonic ( 9385FY)
DESCRIPTION: Big Hedd & Chugger Spook: Fluorescent green spine and sides, light gold stripe on sides, fluorescent yellow belly. The Sonic does not have the definitive line down the side but has a gold lightning bolt; the River Runt Spook has a gold rib pattern. This is a uncataloged color for the Big Hedd and the River Runt, c. 1975. The color name changed in 1977 to Chartruese Mullet. (Sonic picture courtesy of Gabby T.; Runt picture courtesy of Anthony Criner; Chugger picture courtesy of Charles Woolley; Super Sonic courtesy of Lawrence Kavlock!)

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